Mechanical Rotating Equipment

We are locally representing some well established OEMs' rotating equipment such as pumps, steam turbine and centrifugal compressor for various applications in the upstream and downstream of oil & gas industry. In addition to supply the above-mentioned equipment, with a trained and qualified technical team, we are capable of offering the following additional value-added services to all our clients:

  • Pre-Sales Consultation for equipment selection and right application.
  • Site Supervision for equipment installation and commissioning.
  • Site inspection and troubleshooting.

We are also keeping stock some of the common consumable parts to enable us serving our customers more efficiently.



Principal / OEM Product Range

SPP Pumps Ltd (UK)

* Fire Water Pumps

Ingersoll Rand (USA)

* Air Compressor

Mono Pumps Ltd (UK)
formerly Moyno, Inc.
* Progressing Cavity (Elentric Screw) pumps:
    - Rotary, Single Helical Screw Positive Displacement for High Viscosity Liquid 
      with Slurry, Sludge
    - Low Shear Application

Hudson Products Corporation (USA)

* Fin Fans & part

SPX Cooling Technologies (USA)

* Marley Cooling Tower & parts
Mayekawa Mfg. Co. Ltd. (USA)

* Cooling Refigeration Systems - Chillers, Condensers (Hazardous/Non-Hazardous)

Airplus Co., Ltd. (Korea)

* Air Compressor (Local Packaging)

North America Pumps Inc. (USA)

* Fire Water Pumps

Pumpworks 610 (USA)

* API610 Pumps

Neptune Chemical Pump Co (USA)

* Metering Pumps

Indar (Ingeteam Brand) (UK)

* Horizontal Non API Pumps and Submersible Motors